Universal & consistent PaaS
for Cloud native Europe

Universal & consistent PaaS for Cloud native Europe

ValueCloud offers fully managed, open source Cloud platforms that combine
high-end functionality with EU-level data privacy and pan-european scalability.

ValueCloud offers fully managed, open source Cloud platforms that combine high-end functionality with EU-level data privacy and pan-european scalability.

PaaS from ValueCloud addresses & closes a strategic gap in the (European) digital economy


Can be deployed to a large number of IaaS providers.

Open Source

No technological lock-ins or long-term dependencies.

Fully Managed

It’s all being taken care of by our senior-level expert teams.

For applications & data

Including Kubernetes, Kafka, DevOps, DataOps & MLOps.

The ValueCloud difference

ValueCloud’s vision is to offer European Engineering teams a high-value, low-risk business technology platform for cloud-native applications, data & automation.

This is based on our belief that innovation and transformation work best when the boundary conditions are customer friendly.

That’s what ValueCloud stands for, across a range of cloud native technology stacks.

Low risks

Overcoming legal risks

If deployed to EU-governed IaaS, your data is 100% under EU-level control & governance.

Overcoming commercial risks

Simple and transparent pricing models provide planning stability and avoid nasty cost surprises.

Overcoming vendor risks

ValueCloud services are open source and infrastructure agnostic – there are no technology dependencies or lock-ins.

Overcoming sourcing risks

Clients have the freedom to opt out of the fully managed mode and run all day2 operations themselves.

High business value

High-end functionality

All services are designed to be feature-rich and engineer-friendly, with enterprise-grade robustness and security.

Pan-European scalability

Because ValueCloud services are infrastructure agnostic, clusters can scale across and beyond providers, across the entire EU.

Fast & easy setup & admin

All services are to be deployed in a fully automated way, with no specialized technical expertise required.

All in a single place

All IaaS and PaaS components can be managed from a single location, providing a high level of usability and intuitive control.


A consistent and flexible environment for high-performant, EU-governed PaaS

ValueCloud offers a broad range of state-of-the-art PaaS, covering Container, Event Streaming, DevOps, DataOps as well as MLOps disciplines.

Deploy services in minutes

  1. Log into the ValueCloud customer portal,
  2. Integrate with your preferred IaaS-provider (via API key),
  3. Configure & deploy and ValueCloud Services,
  4. Within a few minutes, you’re ready to GO!


Achieve more, faster


Cloud native Infrastrutures, provided manually or automated via IaC-tooling.

DevOps toolchains

Components and proceses, including software supply chain security and integrity hardening.

MLOps toolchains

Conceptualization and implementation of Machine Learning toolchains and data pipelines.

Application & platform operations

SLA-based operations for standard or custom components, across the Cloud native tech stack.

Custom Code-level implementation

Conceptualization and implementation of custom application logic, with or without embedded “AI”.

ETL modernization & (real-time) DataOps tooling

Modernization of traditional, batch-based data integration and analytical processes.

Strategic advisory

Guidance and support around sourcing models, vendor selection and technology / business alignment.


Getting inhouse Engineering teams familiar with Cloud native technologies and processes.

Project management

Full-service coordination of all project-based activities, either stand-alone or as part of Enterprise initiatives.

Digital innovation, at the speed of light

ValueCloud services are the backbone for digital innovation and transformation, delivered in a secure, sustainable and customer-friendly environment.

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