Digital Value Cloud offers the industry's first solution for managing IT as 'Service Value Chains'.
We’re adding Strategic capabilities, to make the NewIT work faster, better and at less cost.

With introducing an end-to-end process that spans across the full lifecycle, companies get empowered to actively control and optimize the bottom-line Value Delivery of their total Service Portfolio.That throws significant benefits:

Faster Time-to-Value

Eliminate process breaks and use “Value patterns” to create a fast track from Demand to Delivery.

Tightened Governance

Enforce your Design and Architecture rules through automated Design-to-Operations Handover.

Reduced Cost

Less FTE-related cost through streamlined process and elimination of manual reconciliation & admin work.

We're on a Mission to Value - our philosophy in 7 points:

1 | Focus on "Value". Always.
A true and deep IT-to-Business Alignment can only be achieved if the "Value" aspect is systematically put into focus in every single phase of the Technology lifecycle:
  • Request to Value: Understand and document where and why new Technology adds value,
  • Prioritize to Value: evaluate fast, and put the value-adding Demand on a fast track to Delivery,
  • Design to Value: a demand-fulfilling, governance-compliant yet cost effective Design is the cornerstone of a 'good' Service,
  • Transition to Value: if changes to the Design are necessary, re-evaluate with care,
  • Operate to Value: automate and adjust where necessary,
  • Continuously Improve to Value: measure, analyze and optimize towards Value.
2 | No sacrifices
Fast Delivery and Agility are essential, but without sacrificing governance, control and transparency. Why wouldn't you be able to do both?

3 | End-to-End
Avoid process and media breaks to deliver through an end-to-end process, with all data being shared and accessible across the full lifecycle.

4 | Holistic View
Adapting a Portfolio Management approach for both technical, governance-related and commercial aspects of the Technology performance allows for continuous value optimization.

5 | Early Phases
Only the one who controls the early phases of the lifecycle, is in true control of the lifecycle Value.

6 | Financials are output
IT Financial Management is an output of the Value Chain process (not so much of an input).

7 | Automate the admin world
In an End-to-End scenario, downstream processes like Contract Management and Supplier Management and IT Financial Management will become fully automated.

Who benefits from Digital Value Cloud?

  • On the highest level, Digital Value Cloud is enforcing a better IT-to-Business alignment, through a consequent and mandatory Service orientation, and a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness. The following Roles and involved Persona all take their benefit from the End-to-End process alignment and optimization:

    • CIO: increased agility and delivery speed. Better spend of IT money, for what the Business really needs. Ensure Governance-Compliance at all times.
    • CFO: reduce total IT spend to free up funds for Innovation and new Products.
    • Enterprise Architecture: Enforced Enterprise Architecture patterns to ensure Design compliance at all times.
    • IT Business Management: maximum Automation of IT Financial management, through embedded Financial controls and checkpoints.
    • Chief Digital and Innovation Officer: Data- and KPI-driven process performance management. Capable of managing Time-to-Market / Time-to-Value.

Digital Value Cloud is being delivered through a network of strong and reliable partners:

Featured Use Cases

Some Tech?

Digital Value Cloud is a Web-based Application that can either be run in the Cloud, or On-Premise.

Through its API-centric Architecture, it integrates with literally any Operational ITSM solution.

Using its "Click & Configure" approach, solutions can be deployed in hours rather than months.

Digital Value Cloud delivers Value to your Transformation initiatives instantaneously.

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