EU-governed PaaS for high- performance data platforms.

EU-governed PaaS for
Data & AI on Kubernetes

EU-governed PaaS for high-performance data platforms.

Our mission is to offer high-performing Cloud Services that are fast and easy to
consume, and are 100% covered under European governance and data privacy.

Our mission is to offer high-performing Cloud Services that are fast and easy to consume, and are 100% covered under European governance and data privacy.

ValueCloud takes a PaaS-centric and PaaS-first approach to Managed European Cloud Services

Data privacy

Keep your IP safe and protected, without any backdoors.


Legal and regulatory compliance, e.g. GDPR.

Strategic autonomy

No risk exposure from long-term Non-EU vendor dependencies.

Fully Managed

Fast and easy to setup. Hazzle-free day2 operations.

Large number of platform services

Including Container, Microservices Event Streaming, DevOps, DataOps and MLOps.

Large number of IaaS operators

All IaaS setup is done automatically, in a trusted, transparent and GitOps-powered process.

Fully Managed, in a single place

You can do all administration and lifecycle management through a single place.

The ValueCloud difference

ValueCloud’s vision is to offer European Engineering teams a high-value, low-risk business technology platform for cloud-native applications, data & automation.

This is based on our belief that innovation and transformation work best when the boundary conditions are customer friendly.

That’s what ValueCloud stands for, across a range of cloud native technology stacks.

Low risks

Overcoming legal risks

If deployed to EU-governed IaaS, your data is 100% under EU-level control & governance.

Overcoming commercial risks

Simple and transparent pricing models provide planning stability and avoid nasty cost surprises.

Overcoming vendor risks

ValueCloud services are open source and infrastructure agnostic – there are no technology dependencies or lock-ins.

Overcoming sourcing risks

Clients have the freedom to opt out of the fully managed mode and run all day2 operations themselves.

High business value

High-end functionality

All services are designed to be feature-rich and engineer-friendly, with enterprise-grade robustness and security.

Pan-European scalability

Because ValueCloud services are infrastructure agnostic, clusters can scale across and beyond providers, across the entire EU.

Fast & easy setup & admin

All services are to be deployed in a fully automated way, with no specialized technical expertise required.

All in a single place

All IaaS and PaaS components can be managed from a single location, providing a high level of usability and intuitive control.

PaaS from ValueCloud addresses and solves 4 core challenges

If you’re a European company to run on European Clouds, fragmentation of the European PaaS market is a true problem.

You’re either left to sacrifice your plan and move to a Non-EU Cloud — or you’re left with a technological do-it-yourself around PaaS configuration, integration and customization.

ValueCloud’s mission is to close that gap in EU-governed PaaS: easy to use, safe and robust to operate. Accessible through a single place.

Scalability on PaaS-level can be done regardless of IaaS boundaries

ValueCloud PaaS is designed to scale beyond provider boundaries, across Europe (and beyond, if needed).

EU PaaS for advanced DevOps, DataOps & MLOps, in a single place

You no longer need to look for single offerings from various vendors that are poorly integrated to each other.

PaaS expertise can be decoupled from your preferred IaaS operator

ValueCloud PaaS offers universal and consistent PaaS experiences, no matter what underlying IaaS provider.

High-performant EU PaaS in minutes, with no manual work required

ValueCloud PaaS can be set up in minutes, with our platform experts taking care of all day2 operations.


A universal and consistent environment for advanced DevOps, DataOps & MLOps

Through a single deployment engine, ValueCloud deploys and operates a large number of modern and high-performant and open source PaaS components for DevOps, DataOps and MLOps to a large number of European Cloud providers, without any manual work for IaC / IaaS setup, configuration or integration work.

Deploy services in minutes

  1. Log into the ValueCloud customer portal,
  2. Integrate with your preferred IaaS-provider (via API key),
  3. Configure & deploy and ValueCloud Platform Services,
  4. Within a few minutes, you’re ready to GO!


Achieve more, faster


Cloud native Infrastrutures, provided manually or automated via IaC-tooling.

DevOps toolchains

Components and proceses, including software supply chain security and integrity hardening.

MLOps toolchains

Conceptualization and implementation of Machine Learning toolchains and data pipelines.

Application & platform operations

SLA-based operations for standard or custom components, across the Cloud native tech stack.

Custom Code-level implementation

Conceptualization and implementation of custom application logic, with or without embedded “AI”.

ETL modernization & (real-time) DataOps tooling

Modernization of traditional, batch-based data integration and analytical processes.

Strategic advisory

Guidance and support around sourcing models, vendor selection and technology / business alignment.


Getting inhouse Engineering teams familiar with Cloud native technologies and processes.

Project management

Full-service coordination of all project-based activities, either stand-alone or as part of Enterprise initiatives.

Digital innovation, at the speed of light

ValueCloud services are the backbone for digital innovation and transformation, delivered in a secure, sustainable and customer-friendly environment.

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