European Platform Services 
for AI, RPA & MLOps

European Platform Services for AI, RPA & MLOps

ValueCloud helps Data Science & Automation Engineering teams deliver
innovation & transformation in a fast, cost efficient and sustainable way.

ValueCloud helps Data Science & Automation Engineering teams deliver innovation & transformation in a fast, cost efficient and sustainable way.

Cutting-edge technology for automation and optimization, under your own terms & conditions

Artificial Intelligence

Run your AI models with 100% EU-level privacy and protect precious IP.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate your business processes, without becoming dependent from a single vendor.

Machine Learning Operations

All your ML workloads can be orchestrated, across their full lifecycle.


A curated collection of state-of-the-art Open Source components


Powerful MLOps tooling for ML processes & orchestration

A curated service offering for container-based tooling.

ML workflow automation

Flyte is a production-grade, declarative, structured and highly scalable cloud-native workflow orchestration platform.

ML lifecycle management

MLflow is an open source platform to manage the ML lifecycle, including experimentation, reproducibility, deployment, and a central model registry.

ML toolkit for Kubernetes

The Kubeflow project is dedicated to making deployments of machine learning (ML) workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable.

K8s CRD for ML models

KServe provides a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition for serving machine learning (ML) models on arbitrary frameworks.

ML feature store

Feast is a standalone, open-source feature store that organizations use to store and serve features consistently for offline training and online inference.

End-to-end ML pipelines

Ludwig is a declarative machine learning framework that makes it easy to define machine learning pipelines using a simple & flexible data-driven configuration system.

ValueCloud for MLOps

ValueCloud AI, RPA & MLOps Services implement the core principles of ValueCloud’s philosophy to provide fair and sustainable Cloud native service offerings, that are likewise powerful, robust and secure.

Overcoming legal risks

All ValueCloud services are 100% EU-governed, which ensures maximum data privacy and GDPR-compliance.

Overcoming commercial risks

Simple and transparent pricing models offer planning stability and avoid bad surprises over cost.

Overcoming vendor risks

ValueCloud services are Open Source and vendor-agnostic — there is no technological lock-in whatsoever.

But high-end functionality

Fully automated provisioning and easy administration are the basis for developer & engineering efficiency.

Fully Managed OR Self-Operated

Customers can choose between a fully Managed service, or decide to operate all services themselves. We leave it to our customers to decide which modus operandi suits them best.

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