ValueCloud Universal
Event Streaming Service

ValueCloud Universal Event Streaming Service

ValueCloud Universal Event Streaming Service (UES) is a high-performant
and cost efficient Managed Kafka Service for the European market.

ValueCloud Universal Event Streaming Service (UES) is a high-performant and cost efficient Managed Kafka Service for the European market.

Sample UES price indication

3 Nodes, 8GB RAM, 1.500GB SSD

659,- EUR / mo.

Sample price indication for Managed Kafka with 99,7% Uptime. Net price excluding VAT. Monthly commitment. Talk to us for details.

A powerful, container-based event streaming engine for a variety of modern use cases

The power of Apache Kafka…

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is a publish-subscribe messaging system that can handle trillions of events.

… meets the power of Kubernetes

When combined with the functionality of the ValueCloud Service Foundation, numerous additional advantages and benefits come up that a stand-alone Kafka doesn’t have.


Get a rock-solid, vendor-neutral foundation for real-time event streaming


A modern Kafka experience, running on Cluster API Kubernetes

ValueCloud UES leverages the Strimzi project, and seamlessly integrates it with the Kubernetes-native ValueCloud Service Foundation.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is the gold standard for open source event streaming.

Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is a tool for scalably and reliably streaming data.

Mirror Maker 2

MirrorMaker is a stand-alone tool for copying data between two Kafka clusters.

Kafka Bridge

Kafka Bridge provides a RESTful interface that allows HTTP-based clients.

Seven good reasons for running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes:

There are several advantages to running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes:

  1. Scalability: Kubernetes allows for easy scaling of Kafka clusters, making it simple to add or remove nodes as needed.

  2. High Availability: By running Kafka on Kubernetes, you can ensure that your data is highly available, even in the event of node failures.

  3. Automatic failover: Kubernetes can automatically detect and recover from node failures, minimizing downtime.

  4. Resource management: Kubernetes allows for fine-grained control over resources such as CPU and memory, ensuring that your Kafka cluster has the resources it needs to function efficiently.

  5. Portability: Kafka on Kubernetes can run on any cloud provider or on-premises, making it easy to deploy and manage your Kafka clusters.

  6. Better monitoring and logging: Kubernetes provides better monitoring and logging capabilities for Kafka, making it easier to troubleshoot and diagnose issues.

  7. Integration with other tools: a Kafka running on Kubernetes can easily integrate with other tools and services running on the same cluster.

An introduction to Kafka, in 10 minutes


Functionalities & Features

The combination of ValueCloud Service Foundation and Strimzi offers a number of compelling advantages.

Kafka, the GitOps way

This offers reproducibility and ability to run all sort of compliance and audit controls.

(Nearly) endless scalabiity

Scaling your cluster up (or down) can be done without any operational burden.

Multi node-pool

Spread your Kafka instances across multiple, geopgrahically distributed node pools.

TLS and OAuth

Additional security and compliance.

Built-in security

Enterprise-level security & governance elements.

Automated Certificate Mgt.

Encrpyted cross-node communiation.

ValueCloud UES is powering all your real-time data use cases

Event Mesh

A configurable and dynamic infrastructure layer for distributing events among decoupled applications, cloud services and devices.

Real-time Operations

Transform your business with highly responsive digital supply chains and operations powered by real-time data streaming.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time analytics into every business process and every decision you are about to make.

Asynchronous microservice data communication

The backbone for decoupled, highly distributed and scalable business applications of any domain.

Data Infrastructure Modernization

Seamlessly connect legacy systems to any modern, hybrid environments.

Make data integration fun, with out-of-the-box connectors


MySQL CDC Source Connector


PostgreSQL CDC Source Connector


Google BigQuery Sink Connector


MongoDB Source & Sink Connector


Snowflake Sink Connector


Kafka Connect Avro Converter


Splunk Sink Connector


New Relic Sink Connector


Neo4j Source & Sink Connector


Scylla CDC Source Connector


Datadog Sink Connector


SAP HANA Source & Sink Connector


Camunda / Zeebe Connector


Redis Source & Sink Connector


Pulsar Source Connector


Azure IOT Hub Source & Sink Connector

Kafka, the ValueCloud way

ValueCloud Universal Event Streaming Service implements the core principle of ValueCloud’s philosophy of providing a fair and sustainable Cloud native platform service, that is likewise powerful, robust and secure.

European infrastructures

EU-regulated IaaS providers ensure 100% GDPR compliance and maximum data privacy.

Fair and sustainable pricing

A simple and transparent pricing model avoids any sort of bad surprises over ongoing cost.

Open Source

All components are 100% Open Source, leaving you with no exposure on vendor lock-ins.

Performant, robust & secure

A service offering that designed for production-grade robustness, from the ground up.

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