ValueCloud Universal
Kubernetes Service

ValueCloud Universal Kubernetes Service

ValueCloud Universal Kubernetes Service (UKS) is a high-performant,
infrastructure-agnostic Managed K8s offering for the European market.

ValueCloud Universal Kubernetes Service (UKS) is a high-performant, infrastructure-agnostic Managed K8s offering for the European market.

A powerful, 100% EU-governed container platform for custom container-based workloads

For data-centric European StartUps & ScaleUps…

… that look for a 100% GDPR-compliant solution, which is likewise powerful and affordable. ValueCloud UKS offers full legal compliance but without the hazzle of Do-It-Yourself.

For European mid-size companies…

… that look to effectively reduce monthly Cloud bills, without sacrificing functionality & security. ValueCloud UKS offers high-end technological performance, but with unseen cost efficiency.


Get a rock-solid, vendor-neutral container foundation for all your custom workloads


Not only Managed Kubernetes, but a grown-up Managed Container Platform

Managed Kubernetes on Hetzner Cloud comes with powerful extensions, curated, provisioned and operated by ValueCloud senior-level professionals.


EU-governed IaaS

Compute, Storage, Loadbalancers, Network. All managed via Cluster API providers.

Kubernetes (Cluster API)

100% Upstream compatible K8s distribution, from the core project.

CNI Plugin

eBPF-based Networking, Observability, Security.

Metric Collection & Alerting

Service monitoring and real-time alerting for infrastructures and services.

Central Logging

A horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system.

Monitoring & Observability

A composable observability platform, integrating metrics, traces and logs.

DNS & Service Discovery

DNS & Service Discovery.

Certificate Management

X.509 certificate management.


Ingress Controller

Ingress controller and HTTP load balancer.

ValueCloud UKS benefits

ValueCloud UKS combines the advantages of the ValueCloud Service Foundation, and adapts it to the Kubernetes world.

Managers love UKS

When combined with EU-based IaaS, UKS unlocks a new level of cost efficiency for ‚Managed Kubernetes‘ in the European market.

UKS runs infrastructure-agnostic. That means minimum effort both in terms of time and cost, when switching the underlying cloud provider.

Infrastructure- and Engineering-Teams love UKS

UKS can be easily deployed and administered through a modern, intuitive web admin portal, or API-based.

If you prefer to do so, you can run all technical day2 operations yourself (which full access to Kubernetes upgrades & security patches).

UKS offers a rich set of core Kubernetes functionality. Powerful configuration options allows users to adapt to individual use cases.

Powerful extensions turn UKS into a fully-fledged platform for containerized applications and data infrastructure.

Governance-Teams love UKS

UKS comes with a well-crafted core that has security, privacy, operational robustness and compliance as top level priorities.


Managed K8s on Hetzner, powered by ValueCloud

“Managed Kubernetes on Hetzner Cloud” is a fully managed PaaS offering that combines the platform-level expertise from ValueCloud with the IaaS expertise from Hetzner.


Functionalities & Features

ValueCloud UKS unlocks the ValueCloud Service Foundation with the ability to deploy custom workloads through Kubeconfig accessibility.


All IaaS provisioning and administration is declarative, following a GitOps approach.


You get a fully functional, high-performant Kubernetes experience, no matter what IaaS you choose.

Fully declarative (GitOps)

Our K8s Master Cluster provisions all extensions based on ArgoCD, providing maximum robustness.

Graceful VM security reboots

Security patches on VM-level are being incorporated with minimum time and operational hazzle.

Graceful K8s upgrades

K8s upgrades are being orchestrated and enforced automatically, with no manual interaction needed.

Dedicated or shared CP

Customers can choose between dedicated or shared K8s control plane in multi-tenancy modus.

Audit proof compliance

All cluster-internal action is being recorded and documented for compliance reasons.

Multiple node pools

You can create and operate multiple node pools, across multiple regions.

Dynamic node pool sizing

Node pools can be dynamically sized, with zero operational downtime and no operational hazzle.

Sealed secrets

All secrets are encrpyted, across the entire provisioning process.

Autoscaling (optional)

If activated, autoscaling resizes your node pools according to the current operational workload.

Node-level firewalls

Software-defined and policy-based firewall rules control network action.

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