A rock-solid foundation for
Cloud native workloads

A rock-solid foundation for Cloud native workloads

A universal, EU-compliant and vendor-neutral backbone that eliminates IaaS-
provider differences and provides a consistent API for containerized PaaS.

A universal, EU-compliant and vendor-neutral backbone that eliminates IaaS- provider differences and provides a consistent API for containerized PaaS.

A K8s-native layer to manage EU-centric, vendor-neutral IaaS & PaaS — from a single place

Automated (EU-governed) IaaS setup & config

Looking southbound (= towards the IaaS-layer), the ValueCloud Service Foundation master cluster manages all IaaS resources, across multiple providers. You simply add the API key to integrate with your preferred IaaS-provider, and ValueCloud deployment engine does all the rest. Security and privacy for all secrets is guaranteed, across the process.

A single, consistent API for powerful PaaS

Looking northbound (= towards the PaaS layer), each single ValueCloud Service Foundation customer instance offers the same and consistent Kubernetes API to manage all additional PaaS components. It’s never been easier to build a fully-loaded, vendor-agnostic and EU-compliant Cloud native Stack, at the speed of light.


The bottom plate that all further ValueCloud platform services run on

Northbound: consistent API for PaaS integration & administration

Southbound: IaaS integration & administration


A Cluster API-based Kubernetes experience, amplified by powerful extensions

In its core, the ValueCloud Service Foundation is a Cluster API Kubernetes deployment that is being delivered through a GitOps-style provisioning engine, and expanded by a number of extensions that are tailored to simplify the daily life of engineers and developers.


EU-governed IaaS

Compute, Storage, Loadbalancers, Network. All managed via Cluster API providers.

Kubernetes (Cluster API)

100% Upstream compatible K8s distribution, from the core project.

CNI Plugin

eBPF-based Networking, Observability, Security.

Metric Collection & Alerting

Service monitoring and real-time alerting for infrastructures and services.

Central Logging

A horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system.

Monitoring & Observability

A composable observability platform, integrating metrics, traces and logs.

DNS & Service Discovery

DNS & Service Discovery.

Certificate Management

X.509 certificate management.

ValueCloud Service Foundation benefits

Through its new conceptual approach, the ValueCloud Service Foundation unlocks a new level of business value for running EU-based Cloud services.

Users can build a fully-loaded Stack for Cloud native Applications & Data, under fair and sustainable legal, commercial and technological boundary conditions.

Multi-provider IaaS-as-Code

ValueCloud Service Foundation can be deployed & operated across a variety of different IaaS providers. This includes the ability to migrate from one provider to another, with ease.

Fast & easy setup

All components can be deployed through a fully automated process, that doesn’t require and deep technical expertise about the individual software components.

Low-cost IaaS & PaaS option

The list of available IaaS providers includes highly cost efficient options.

Consistent experience

No matter what IaaS provider, you get a consistent experience that reduces mental load.

100% EU legal compliance

As both IaaS and Kubernetes-as-a-Service are operated by EU-governed companies, you get 100% GDPR compliance, at all times.

Open Source components

All software components are 100% Open Source, which means can do not get any lock-in effects whatsoever.

Deploy in minutes

  1. Log into ValueCloud customer portal
  2. Integrate with your preferred IaaS-provider
  3. Configure Service Foundation parameters,
  4. Wait a few moments and you’re ready to go!


Functionalities & Features

ValueCloud Service Foundation combines the advantages from Kubernetes Cluster API, declarative GitOps approach and powerful extensions.


All IaaS provisioning and administration is declarative, following a GitOps approach.


You get a fully functional, high-performant Kubernetes experience, no matter what IaaS you choose.

Fully declarative (GitOps)

Our K8s Master Cluster provisions all extensions based on ArgoCD, providing maximum robustness.

Graceful VM security reboots

Security patches on VM-level are being incorporated with minimum time and operational hazzle.

Graceful K8s upgrades

K8s upgrades are being orchestrated and enforced automatically, with no manual interaction needed.

Dedicated or shared CP

Customers can choose between dedicated or shared K8s control plane in multi-tenancy modus.

Audit proof compliance

All cluster-internal action is being recorded and documented for compliance reasons.

Multiple node pools

You can create and operate multiple node pools, across multiple regions.

Dynamic node pool sizing

Node pools can be dynamically sized, with zero operational downtime and no operational hazzle.

Sealed secrets

All secrets are encrpyted, across the entire provisioning process.

Autoscaling (optional)

If activated, autoscaling resizes your node pools according to the current operational workload.

Node-level firewalls

Software-defined and policy-based firewall rules control network action.

Driving European sovereignty

All ValueCloud Web Services and the underlying ValueCloud Service Foundation breathes the spirit of European Digital sovereignty, following a zero lock-in, 100% Open Source approach.

Working with strong & reliable IaaS-partners

The ValueCloud Service Foundation is being deployed in your own IaaS account, with our trusted partners looking after infrastructure operations, so that WE can focus on the DevOps, DataOps & MLOps part of the Cloud native technology stacks.

A german IaaS provider with focus on robustness and compliance.

A german IaaS provider with focus on cost efficiency and performance.

A swedish IaaS provider with focus on open source technology.

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