AI for business automation,
powered by ValueCloud

AI for business automation, powered by ValueCloud

For European companies looking to leverage AI technology for real-life business
process automation, ValueCloud services provides a holistic solution portfolio.

For European companies looking to leverage AI technology for real-life business process automation, ValueCloud services provides a holistic solution portfolio.

AI & RPA: on the way to become a data-fueled, technology-powered enterprise

The post-pandemic time of inflation and increasing pressure on cost margins and supply chains is creating a new generation of economic challenges. AI- and RPA-based automation gives a new generation of tooling to eliminate manual work

AI-based business process automation helps to improve efficiency and accuracy in tasks that involve data analysis, decision making, and communication. This can lead to cost savings, increased productivity, and better decision-making. Additionally, AI can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher-value work and freeing up resources for other projects.

Increase process throughput

In the context of business process automation, increased process throughput can be achieved by using AI algorithms to automate repetitive tasks, optimize resource allocation, and improve decision-making. This can lead to faster completion of tasks, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity.

Slash process costs

Automation can reduce the need for human labor, and AI-based optimization can lead to more efficient use of resources such as materials, equipment, and energy. By reducing the amount of time and resources needed to complete a task or process, businesses can lower their overall costs and improve their bottom line.

Real-time, autonomous processes

In the context of business process automation, real-time autonomous processes can lead to improved efficiency, accuracy, and speed in tasks such as data analysis, decision-making, and communication. For example, an autonomous process can monitor inventory levels in real-time and automatically place orders to restock when necessary, or an AI-based system can monitor a manufacturing process and make adjustments to optimize production in real-time.

Real-time autonomous processes can also be used in areas such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and customer service. These systems can continuously monitor and analyze data in real-time, and take appropriate actions without human intervention.

Advanced market intelligence

Advanced market intelligence can be used to analyze data from a variety of sources such as financial data, social media, customer feedback, and industry reports. By using machine learning algorithms to process and analyze this data, businesses can gain insights into their customers’ needs, preferences, and behavior, as well as monitor their competitors’ strategies and performance.

Advanced market intelligence can also be used to identify patterns and trends in the market that may indicate opportunities for expansion or investment. For example, by analyzing data on consumer spending patterns, businesses can identify emerging markets or product categories with high growth potential.

The ValueCloud difference

ValueCloud’s vision is to offer European companies an high-performant but low-risk platform for Cloud native applications & data.

This is based on our belief that innovation and transformation works best, when the boundary conditions are customer friendly.

That’s what ValueCloud stands for, across a variety of Cloud native tech stacks.

Overcoming legal risks

All ValueCloud services are 100% EU-governed, which ensures maximum data privacy and GDPR-compliance.

Overcoming commercial risks

Simple and transparent pricing models offer planning stability and avoid bad surprises over cost.

Overcoming vendor risks

ValueCloud services are Open Source and vendor-agnostic — there is no technological lock-in whatsoever.

But high-end functionality

Fully automated provisioning and easy administration are the basis for developer & engineering efficiency.

Fully Managed OR Self-Operated

Customers can choose between a fully Managed service, or decide to operate all services themselves. We leave it to our customers to decide which modus operandi suits them best.


The ingredients for a modern, data-centric Enterprise Architecture

ValueCloud platform services are the infrastructural foundation of modern cloud native applications and data.

Embedding GPT-3 into real-life business processes

Within an internal R&D project, our ValueCloud AI & MLOps experts are using RPA & NLP technology to produce contextualized prompts, that deliver a significantly higher output quality, compared with “normal” user prompting.

We are looking for early adopters to bring that approach into real-life business processes. If you’re interested to learn more, please reach out to us using the contact form as per below.

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