Data infrastructure modernization,
powered by ValueCloud

Data infrastructure modernization, powered by ValueCloud

For European companies that are looking to modernize their data infrastructures,
ValueCloud services provide a solid and sustainable, highly cost efficient backbone.

For European companies that are looking to modernize their data infrastructures, ValueCloud services provide a solid and sustainable, highly cost efficient backbone.

Scalable and high-performant data infrastructures — the core of future business success

A strong data analytics infrastructure strategy ensures enhanced productivity and efficiency, makes collaboration with resources easier and allows easy access of information remotely, provided that you have properly implemented data infrastructure systems in your workflow.

There is a number of things to consider when discussing why modern data infrastructures are important for running a business. One of the main reasons is that they allow for the storage, management, and analysis of large amounts of data, which can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other areas that can help to improve decision-making and optimize operations.

Modern data infrastructures also enable real-time processing, which allows for faster and more accurate responses to changes in the market and customer needs. Overall, modern data infrastructures can help businesses to be more data-driven, efficient and competitive. However, there is a number of things to consider, for getting it right.

Start from the beginning

Before you tackle any kind of BI project, consider questions like: Do you have a data and analytics strategy? What is your company’s overall corporate strategy? What is the business reason behind the need for analytics? You need to define what technology, processes, and people to put in place so you can meet your analytics goals.

Prioritize your projects

Without prioritization your projects may take turns you never intended. Well-communicated priorities help align projects and programs to its strategies, including:

  • Increases the success rates of strategic projects
  • Increases the alignment and focus
  • Builds an execution mindset and culture

Evaluate environments

Where within your technology stack do you need the environments setup? Consider how you move data through the stack. The whole system will run smoother if this is set up well. Some things you should start documenting when evaluating your environments include:

  • Security setup considerations
  • Data load/storage strategy
  • Change management strategy

Build a flexible data model

A data model creates the structure the data lives in, and a thoughtfully created model enables flexibility and ease of use. It also defines how things are labeled and organized which determines how your data can and will be used and ultimately what story that information will tell. Finally, a data model helps define the problem, enabling you to consider different approaches and choose the best one.

Document data lineage

Without the knowledge of how your data goes from origination to its destination, you could end up rebuilding things later. When you document your data lineage, you’ll be able to:

  • Get knowledge about what data is available & its quality
  • Have more transparency about what’s going on with your data
  • Give business users more detail about what they’re using
  • Understand the impact of changes made on a source system

Assess performance

You’ll want to consider performance needs for both front-end user experience and backend infrastructure, including:

  • How long does it take to run reports?
  • What factors are affecting performance?
  • Are those services really too expensive?
  • How often does the data need to be refreshed?
  • How is ETL performance?

Implement data governance

With a properly implemented data governance program, you can gain consistency, get faster time to delivery, lower your maintenance needs, get more quality data, increase user adoption, and a whole lot more. It’s a critical piece to your data and analytics solution, but one that is often overlooked.

ValueCloud gets you on the data infrastructure modernization path, fast and safe

All ValueCloud services are designed to be reliable, safe and compliant with EU regulation, which are important aspects for European innovators to build a solid and long-term foundation for managing their precious data assets.

Broad selection of EU-governed data-centric Platform Services

When you’re a European company that is dealing with personal data from employees or clients, it’s important to keep an eye on GDPR compliance. As all our services are 100% EU-governed, we offer 100% GDPR compliance, at all times.

Our fair & transparent pricing models are the basis for a low-cost operations, across the entire lifecycle.

Last but not least, we do not force anybody into any sort of vendor dependency.

All this follows our belief, that Digital Innovation flourished best, when the boundary conditions are good and innovation-friendly.


ValueCloud offers IaaS, PaaS and Professional Services from a single source. This is a guarantee for a smooth and seamless integration experience with no project friction and fast successes.

Vendor agnostic

All Platform Services can either be operated by ValueCloud experts in a Fully Managed modus, or by the client, or any other 3rd party operator. We offer freedom of choice, at all times, and under all situations.

Easy setup & admin

Our Professional Services teams operate in a fully independent modus. We are not bound to any software vendor, only charging on mantime that is being consumed under the project schedule.


The ingredients for a modern, data-centric Enterprise Architecture

ValueCloud platform services are the infrastructural foundation of modern cloud native applications and data.

Building the next generation of data analytics

ValueCloud works with Hornbach Baumarkt AG, a leading European DIY retailer, on a cost efficient and high-performant setup for data analytics, at scale.

The combination of European platform services and project services helps us implement our data & AI strategy and embed it technologically in the group-wide multi-cloud strategy. ValueCloud is a highly competent and reliable partner in this process

Alexander Linn, Head of Digital Analytics, Hornbach Baumarkt AG

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