Event-driven Business,
powered by ValueCloud

Event-driven Business, powered by ValueCloud

For European companies looking to implement Event-driven Architecture &
Event Mesh, ValueCloud services provide a solid and sustainable backbone.

For European companies looking to implement Event-driven Architecture & Event Mesh, ValueCloud services provide a solid and sustainable backbone.

Overcoming structural inflexibilities – using Event-driven Architectures & Event Meshes

ValueCloud Event Mesh & Event-driven Architecture allows applications to communicate through asynchronous events. Experience greater agility and scalability when you create responsive applications that work independently and participate in event-driven business processes across your business ecosystem.

Event-driven Architecture & Event Mesh

An event mesh is a dynamic infrastructure for sending notifications to applications across a distributed environment. In the context of event-driven architecture (EDA), an event is a change, action, or observation in a system that produces a notification, which is then sent to other systems that each react to the event. The event mesh makes these connections possible.

What problems does an Event Mesh solve?

The dissemination of massive amounts of data across a highly distributed infrastructure has become a requirement for large enterprises. Mission-critical applications must be able to communicate in a reliable and timely manner in order to share the vital data they need to process the interactions and transactions that drive the business.

Event Mesh & EDA basics

Events, everywhere

Throughout the enterprise, hundreds or even thousands of events can be generated every minute. Organizations need an effective way to deliver a high volume of events to a range of applications deployed across a distributed combination of cloud and on-premise environments. The event mesh provides this capability for the event-driven enterprise.

Dynamic infrastructure

An event mesh is a dynamic infrastructure that delivers events from producers to consumers via a network of interconnected “event brokers.” Event mesh is environment-agnostic, designed to deliver events across disparate cloud platforms, no matter where the applications are deployed—public, private, and hybrid cloud, PaaS, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and even no cloud—without the need for configuration of event routing. 

Publish & subscribe

The event mesh allows publishers to use their platform’s native event mechanisms and allows subscribers to do the same. Thus, a Node.js developer in a Kubernetes cluster can publish an event, and a Java developer in a different cluster could subscribe to the same. Any consumer can make use of the event regardless of the type of application; the development platform the application was built on; the streaming technology used for messaging; or the type of cloud the application is hosted on.

Loose coupling

Because an event mesh can deliver information between applications regardless of their environment, event mesh supports a loosely coupled integration between legacy applications, databases and devices, and the latest microservice-based and cloud-native applications.

Apache Kafka

An event mesh can also work with and translate between a range of messaging service options. Apache Kafka is a popular choice for EDA messaging, particularly with cloud-native developers. Event mesh should also support other messaging options including Knative Eventing, Cloud Events, HTTP and AMQP, just to name a few.

Unseen flexibility

Event mesh represents the mature stage of the EDA journey, once an enterprise has fully embraced the event-driven architecture. While asynchronous interactions and event-driven architectural patterns are not new, event mesh provides a ground-breaking new approach to integration that is positioned to become the communications infrastructure in the next-generation enterprise.


A high-performant, scalable & flexible Enterprise Architecture pattern

ValueCloud platform services are the infrastructural foundation of modern cloud native applications and data.

ValueCloud offers services for building Event Mesh & EDA structures

Event Streaming Service @ ValueCloud

Event Stream processing @ ValueCloud

Data & metadata orchestration @ ValueCloud

Event schema registry @ ValueCloud

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