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Next-generation cloud technology.

>> Hazzle-free runtime environments for event-centric business systems <<

ValueCloud Universal Kubernetes Service (UKS)

The most cost efficient
Kubernetes platform in
the European Market.

UKS provides a modern & consistent K8s experience,
designed for resource efficiency, simplicity and compliance.

The most cost efficient Kubernetes platform in the European Market.

Managed Kubernetes on European Clouds. Hyperscaler. Asian Clouds. any Cloud

UKS provides a modern & consistent K8s experience, designed for resource efficiency, simplicity and compliance.

Consider UKS if you look for a modern Kubernetes platform that…


… gives you a good sleep at night…

UKS comes with a well-crafted core that has security, privacy, operational robustness and compliance as top level priorities.


… makes your daytime work easy and fun…

A list of powerful, out-of-the-box extensions, coupled with a user experience that’s designed around simplicity and intuitiveness.


… doesn’t lock you into any dependencies…

UKS is all open source – and as long as there are market standard Linux VMs and basic infrastructure components available, UKS runs.


… runs on low cost & energy footprints.

Saving cost & energy is never just a „nice-to-have“. So why wouldn’t you take these into considerations for your Managed Kubernetes!?

Tired of endless feature-level comparisons?
Then take a look at UKS in action:

UKS: a safe bank for reliable, secure and compliant container operations

Native Multi-Cloud

We natively integrate against a broad selection of EU-, US- and Asia-based IaaS providers.

100% GitOps

All cluster-level functionality and configuration exclusively comes from Git, providing a new level of transparency and control.


Everything is prepared for multi-level policy adoption and enforcement, without exceptions.


Our clusters come as stand-alone container orchestration / runtime environments.

100% Upstream K8s

Our Kubernetes is 100% compliant with the Upstream K8s project.

Zero trust principles

Enterprise-Level security, privacy & data confidentiality.

Multi-zone scalability

Place your nodes across multiple availability zones, with dynamic horizontal scaling.

UKS: powerful functionality, out of the box. All open source.

At ValueCloud, UKS is the technical foundation for all our platform- and business-level services. That means we are using UKS ourselves. All day, every day. So our Engineering teams have worked together to design UKS in a way that real-life practitioners are happy 🚀

Monitoring & Alerting

A gold standards for metric collection, monitoring and alerting: Prometheus.

Native Kubernetes policies

A solution that manages policies as native Kubernetes custom resources: Kyverno.

eBPF Network security

Networking, observability, and security with an eBPF-based dataplane: Cilium.

X.509 certificates

Managing certificates as resource types in Kubernetes clusters: cert manager.

DNS & Service discovery

DNS & service discovery: CoreDNS.

Ingress controller

A HTTP load balancer for applications running on Kubernetes: Nginx.

Declarative GitOps

A Kubernetes controller that syncs Git-based target state with current state: ArgoCD.

Backup & DR

Backup, restore and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources: Velero.

eBPF Intrusion detection

Runtime security enforcement and observability: Tetragon.

ValueCloud UKS – High Level architecture

ValueCloud UKS combines Cluster API and GitOps into a seamless, powerful Kubernetes experience.

Validation services are based on WebAssembly technology.

UKS scales across leading cloud infrastructure providers

EU-governed providers:

US-governed providers:


CN-governed providers:

As an EU-based company,
we value privacy, at all times.

security & privacy

A pricing model that’s based on transparency & fairness 

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