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Open Source PaaS,
with pains removed

Driving EU-Cloud adoption, at scale

Companies that look to adopt EU-Cloud technology are confronted with a structural challenge: each offering is different. This hinders adoption.

INFINITY provides consistent platform experiences for operating and scaling applications and data, no matter which actual infrastructure it runs on — making European Cloud infrastructures accessible at scale

INFINITY provides technical foundations for building and scaling modern applications and data infrastructures, with the strategic advantage of not being locked with any cloud providers (as everything is Open Source).

DEV teams stay focussed on their core business while getting high-performance platform services under fair & favourable conditions.

DEV teams don’t have to struggle with structural complexity, while their companies benefit from running 100% EU-based.

No credit card required. All platform capabilities.

Open Source PaaS, with pains removed

DevOps teams use INFINITY to spin up PaaS instances on standard IaaS. The best way to think of it is „bring-your-own-IaaS and turn it into high-performance PaaS“.

All INFINITY platform components are open source and get deployed in a fully automated way, with no technical expertise required. Available components include:

  • Kubernetes (K8s), Apache Kafka, Pinot & Superset,
  • Event-centric DevOps & MLOps toolchains,
  • high-performance Microservice platforms & Event Meshes.

INFINITY helps organizations to harvest the strategic benefits of open source platform technology by automating the provisioning process and offering high-end support for daily operations.

DEV teams stay focussed on their core business while getting high-performance platform services under fair & favourable conditions.

Seems you’re visiting us from a mobile device. To ensure best possible user experience, access to our customer portal is only possible through desktop browsers.

No credit card required. All platform capabilities.

Developer public beta required Hetzner online account.

What INFINITY is and what it does

INFINITY deploys & operates open source platform stacks in the cloud. We have curated a set of high-performance, open source technologies, as well as a selection of EU- and Non-EU based IaaS providers, all being accessible through a self-service customer portal.

A fully automated process provisions the desired stack to your IaaS-provider account in less than an hour. The resulting PaaS instance is fully functional and you can start using it right away. We look after operations so you can stay focussed on your core business.

INFINITY deploys and operates open source platform stacks in the cloud, but without any lock-in effects on a particular cloud vendor. Organizations use INFINITY as a technical foundation for building, running and scaling modern applications and data infrastructures.

A fully automated process provisions the desired stack to your IaaS-provider account in less than an hour. The resulting PaaS instance is fully functional and you can start using it right away. We look after technical operations so you can stay focussed on your core business.

INFINITY deploys and operates open source platform stacks on EU cloud infrastructure. All platforms run on standard IaaS only, without using any vendor-specific proprietary services. This way, a consistent developer experience is achieved across different EU cloud vendors.

A fully automated process provisions the stack to the respective IaaS-provider(s) in less than 1h. INFINITY runs technical operations, so that developers can stay focus on writing business code and looking after their applications, rather than managing platform complexity.

You can chose between a selection of EU- and Non-EU IaaS-providers.

The INFINITY IaaS-operator takes care of provisioning the required IaaS resources.

Kubernetes (K8s), CoreDNS, cert-mgr, Cilium, NGINX

Observability, Identity- & Access Management

Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect, ksqlDB, Mirror Maker.

Apache Pinot, Apache Superset, Event-to-MLOps tooling

GitLab, Harbor, ArgoCD

The deployment engine that automates the provisioning process.

The free-to-use customer portal.

What we’ve put a focus on:

INFINITY unifies platform experience across 3 process groups

Consistent platform for
microservice operations

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Consistent platform for
(real-time) data operations

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Consistent platform for
DevOps & MLOps toolchains

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A smooth, clean and fresh UI for maximum user comfort

Spinning up new platform instances is as easy as that (supported by a step-by-step wizard):


Experience the INFINITY difference

Full control over data localization

Your data sits with the IaaS provider you select. We offer a choice between more cost efficient, EU-based IaaS and standard hyperscaler-based IaaS.

Migrate, whenever you want

INFINITY PaaS instances consist of 100% Open Source components. You are no longer bound to a specific IaaS provider. Experience a new level of freedom and migrate your stack, whenever YOU want.

Customer friendly SLA options

We offer three different support levels, including an „Experiment“ option that is effectively free of cost beyond the core IaaS utilization.

No bad surprises over cost

We offer simple, easy-to-understand pricing models that keep you safe from bad surprises over cost.

Continuous innovation

Open Source provides strong, continuous innovation that proprietary software vendors struggle to offer.

GDPR compliance (on EU-IaaS)

If deployed to EU-based IaaS, all PaaS services are 100% governed under EU legislation.

The foundation: Enterprise-level security & compliance

Covering both the IaaS- and the PaaS-level, a wide range of built-in security & compliance featues protects your data and your workloads on Enterprise-Grade standards.

INFINITY platform components and IaaS-providers

Component overview

grey tiles are being delivered with support from our engineering team,
fully automated provisioning will be added in due course.


Using the INFINITY platform to build & scale a highly innovative AI-based process optimization toolbox for the metal casting industry

Casculate is a young german company and serves an industry that handles highly sensitive, IP-relevant data. For us, Made in Germany is not only a claim - so using local infrastructure was mandatory.

INFINITY gives us a high-performance, cost effective and GDPR-compliant technical foundation to build and scale our innovative software solution. It's an ideal solution for us.

Simon Geib, CEO Casculate GmbH

World-class support, provided by senior-level experts

You benefit from our engineering and technology knowledge through different channels. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Support level for PaaS instances (you can select the adequate level during before the provisioning process starts)


You can provision and use our technology for free while you look after technical operations yourself.


Dedicated support by our engineering specialists. The most cost efficient version for ‚Managed‘ PaaS.


Dedicated support with uptime guarantee of 99,7%. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Additional Professional Services

OnDemand / AdHoc support

If you happen to have any emergencies in your self-operated environments, our engineering specialists are accessible on a pay-per-call basis.


Our consulting team has extensive experience in designing and implementing mission-critical applications that qualify for scalability, robustness and high performance while keeping TCO to a minimum.

Powerful and industry-leading Open Source, at your fingertips

The INFINITY stack is built 100% with open source components that arise from large-scale, global communities.

Container Orchestration

Kubernetes is the gold-standard for container orchestration. Our offering is based on Kubespray, a fully compliant K8s version with rich set of features and plugin-options.

Observability & APM

A well-integrated and feature-rich distribution of Prometheus, Grafana and Loki to provide a state-of-the-art Observability & Application Performance Management solution.


Velero is a reliable and functional backup, restore and migration solution that covers both cluster-level and user- / application-level data, including backup hooks to safely backup DB-centric data.

Event Streaming

When it comes to Event Streaming, Apache Kafka is the industry-leading, well-estalished solution of choice for thousands of companies, from StartUps to global-scale Enterprises.

Event Integration & Transformation

In order to leverage the full power of the Kafka ecosystem, we count on Kafka Connect and ksqlDB for Event-centric integration and transformation tasks, also including Apicurio schema registry.

Real-Time Event Analytics

The full beauty of real-time analytics comes to life with our combined Apache Pinot and Apache Superset package, offering a rich set of visualization options for real-time business.

Strong focus on Enterprise-level security & compliance

Security is always a concern. Our platform instances come hardened on multiple levels, with security threats being closely monitored.

Role-based access control

All clusters come with RBAC enabled.

Software-defined firewalls

Both master and worker nodes come with dedicated, user-configurable firewalls.

Private Network separation

All nodes are deployed into a dedicated, private network.

2-Factor-Auth (optional)

Customer portal / admin console can be optionally secured with 2FA.

Vault-based secret handing

Kubernetes config files are being stored in a dedicated vault.

SSH hardening (master and worker nodes)

All nodes have undergone a dedicated SSH hardning process.

Multiple OAuth 2.0 providers

The customer portal / admin console comes with a rich set of identify providers.

eBPF-based network security

Advanced protection at Linux kernel level.

Scope of services & FAQs

The following list includes answers to some typical questions we’re being asked. Please reach out to us, in case your question is not included in that list.

The short answer is „no“. Because there is an important structural difference:

Most if not all EU-based Cloud vendors are not really neutral, as they…:

  • … own large-scale hardware stacks (and have a strong datacenter operations background),
  • … have a strong commercial interest and a continuous pressure to leverage their hardware investments,
  • … use PaaS to enforce and leverage long-lasting customer relationships on the IaaS level.

INFINITY is different for the following reasons:

  1. INFINITY neither owns nor operate hardware but rather partners with selected IaaS-vendors, but without forcing customers into long-term dependencies. If you want to change the IaaS-provider, simply deploy another INFINITY stack to a different IaaS-provider, migrate your workloads, and terminate the old IaaS-provider. No lock-in.
  2. INFINITY deploys only Open Source software. We do not charge any license fees. Our only commercial interest is to provide operation services and optional consulting services (= we „sell“ mantime and expertise, not hardware or licenses). You have full access to the stack and can also operate all components yourself, if you prefer to do so. No lock-in.
  3.  INFINITY automates the provisioning process. But as everything is Open Source, all components can also be deployed manually (which would take more time and is less comfortable, but it’s absolutely possible). No lock-in.

Therefore, no dependencies with INFINITY are being constituted, at no point in time.

You do not pay for:

  1. the provisioning and the actual utilization of our technology stack (as it’s Open Source there are no license fees),
  2. our expert mantime, in case YOU look after all technical operations yourself — this is the „Experiment“ SLA modus; in that case, you do not pay anything to us, at all!.

You only pay for:

  1. the IaaS resources that our platform runs on (you pay through your own IaaS account / charged directly to you by your IaaS-provider),
  2. our expert mantime, in case WE look after technical operations; final pricing depends on the individual platform components and the support level (remember: „Experiment“ means self-service operations and is free of any charge from us, as per above).

At the beginning of the INFINITY provisioning process, we will ask you to enter an API key to integrate with your preferred IaaS-provider. The integration key is required to provision the IaaS resources that will essentially host our platform:

  • virtual servers for master node(s),
  • virtual servers for worker nodes,
  • storage volumes,
  • networks,
  • (software-defined) firewalls.

The size and number of the virtual servers, as well as storage volumes, depend on the actual platform components you need, and their respective configuration. Before any cost-relevant deployment takes place, you will be given a fully transparent price indication for the IaaS resources (pricing comes from the IaaS provider). 

We do not store your API key in any way, shape or form. The key is used exactly once for the initial provisioning process and will never be reused.

Therefore, you are in full control over your IaaS resources and their pricing / consumption, at any point in time.

The solution is, from July 26th 2022 onwards, in developer public beta modus (currently v0.7). During that phase, the solution is fully operational, secure and robust (please refer to the sections below for details) but has – by intention – the following limitations:

  • limited functionality / scope – additional extensions / plugins will be added according to market demand (that’s the main purpose of running the current developer public beta),
  • Managed Service / SLA-based operations to be setup manually (from v1.0 onwards, SLAs can be booked directly through our customer portal; please refer to the SLA section below),
  • limited to Hetzner Online GmbH as IaaS-provider (other providers will be added in due course).

There will be 2 minor releases within the developer public beta programing, coming by September 29th 2022 (v0.8), and November 27th, 2022 (v0.9). Stay tuned for further details.

The first major release (v1.0) will be published on January 26, 2023 and will include the following upgrades:

  • additional functional extensions (details will be disclosed by November 2022),
  • Managed Service / SLA options,
  • extended Admin UI / comfort features,
  • internationalization.

If you have any questions regarding the current or future state of our solution, please reach out to us, we happily share more details in a direct dialogue.

Bla bla

  • Self-Service
  • Best-effort SLA
  • Production SLA

Bla bla

The short answer is „yes„.

With its deployment packages for Event Mesh and Real-Time Data Analytics and the event-centric DevOps and MLOps tooling, INFINITY has, one the one side, a strong focus on event-driven systems. That’s the DNA of the platform, to some extent.

However, you can easily use the INFINITY Container platform as a multi-purpose „Managed Kubernetes“ offering, for running all sorts of containerized workloads and applications. And that’s not exotic — we have plenty of customers that only use the container platform as a cost-effective extension to existing hyperscaler offerings.

Questions left? We’re happy to help. Please reach out to us!

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